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Rely on us for demolition services in Apache Junction, Gilbert & Mesa, AZ

There are several reasons a building may need to be demolished. It could have been condemned for not meeting current building codes, or it could be standing in the way of progress. No matter the reason, you can trust Central Arizona Earthworks to take care of all the demolition services you need.

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Break through sidewalks and pavement with concrete demolition

Even old, crumbling concrete can be hard to break up. Count on us to handle all the concrete demolition services you may need. We'll make sure that no sidewalk or driveway gets in the way of your new construction work. Houses often have concrete slabs as their foundations. We can break the concrete apart in an efficient way.

Once we've broken up your driveway and gotten rid of the debris, we can repour it to leave you with a smoother, safer driveway.

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